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QCY’s Participation in Spring IT Week in Japan

On 10th.May, Japan IT Week started in Tokyo Big Sight. In the following 3 days, QCY was invited due to its strength in the industry of Bluetooth Earphone to show its excellent items and characteristic enterprise culture in this Big IT Carnival.

Japan IT Week is a flag of IT Market in Japan. This exhibition was initiated by Reed Exhibition Japan Ltd. 24-year-ago. The show covering 11 themes that are soft development, big data management, embedded system, data storage, information security, network & mobile promotion, data center, cloud computing, smart cellphone & mobile internet, direct sales promotes the latest IT technology to the world.


Japan IT week is a direct platform for both seller and buyer. Through this platform, every participant is accessed to exchange tech-information, promote brands, build cooperation with Japanese enterprises so as to share the big cake in Japan, that’s why QCY should never miss the chance to be here.


During the three days, crowed people are always gathering in the booth of QCY. In the rest areas, you can also find LG, Sony, Hitachi and other famous brands.


               Overview of QCY Booth


               Crowd in the Booth

We also brought some hits in the show. QY19, QY12Pro, QY8 and Q29 are the best sellers in physical shops of Japan.




QY19, the small & trendy Bluetooth earphones, is within Quick Charge Technology(10 minutes charge equals 1 hour playing), which makes it a fairly budget item and core item in Japanese shops.

/Users/miss.lin/Desktop/Ash's Work/翻译/QCY产品图片(Latest)/QY12/750/QY12-750 (8)的副本.jpg


With Hall Magnetic Switch, QY12 becomes cool and interesting in wearing. Smart & user-friendly design makes it popular in customers.




Q29 is a TWS Bluetooth Earphones cannot be ignored in QCY family. Both mono mode and stereo mode are available. With a chargeable store case, light and small as it is. That’s why it is a competitive product no mater in China’s domestic market or Japan’s.

Thanks to this exhibition, QCY has promoted its brand, built its image, learned developing trend of Bluetooth Area, Japanese market and emerging items. From now on, QCY will be subject to our developing theory and proceed in an orderly way and step by step so as to broaden the path of development, make varied items in an international way. Eventually, we will be the Pilot in wireless earphone field!

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